Better understand your customers through data



We help you answer 

business questions

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Which products are driving sales?  

Which promotions drive higher return on investment? 

How can we build cross-sell and up-sell opportunities based on purchasing behavior?

Does inventory meet demand? 

Does my dispensary have the right staffing levels?

Which employee sells the most cannabis?

How far do customers travel to get to my dispensary?

How do sales per square foot compare to other stores in my network?

Are sales impacted when a competitor opens up next door? 





Use data to optimize your grow

How do you differentiate your operation?

We deliver so much more than pie charts. 

Your operation generates tons of data.

Grow the most profitable strains.

Take the guesswork out of strain selection and optimize efficiency.  

Evaluate which flower rooms are performing the best.




Data modeling and predictive analytics optimize your data to visualize trends.

Quantify your phenotype hunting efforts.


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